OrisCeph Rx CE is a CE marking medical device to realize accurate cephalometric tracings and plan orthodontic treatments, in a quick and easy way. analisi cefalometriche
Software for cephalometric analysis

Software for Orthodontists and maxillofacial Surgeons.


The most complete solution for the planning of orthodontic treatments.


With OrisCeph Rx CE you can realize cephalometric tracings with more than 30 default techniques, in a quick and easy way. The programme can guide you for the insertion of cephalometric points and anatomical structures. You can see the diagnosis in real time with parametric values and normogram.

NEWS: added new techniques Bimler, Petrovic, Sato, Giannì 48 Factors and Giannì AP Extended.

Patient record.


For each patient you can associate different orthodontic charts with the anamnesis,
clinical examination and ATM, intraoral examination, space analysis and treatment planning.
You can insert visits in the clinical diary and capture pictures in the image record.
Make your patients aware of the treatment benefits by creating automatically
a case presentation.

Superimpositions, Ricketts VTO and Morphing.


Advanced tools to manage orthodontic treatments.


With OrisCeph Rx CE you can easily overlay the patient’s photograph over the tracing, carry out the surgical VTO, move the cephalometric points, modify the image according to the new measures. You can display and print the patient’s photograph simulating the growth forecast or post-treatment.


programma analisi cefalometriche

The smile of your patients is the result of your work. Enhance your professional skills with the latest and accurate tools, The software for cephalometric analysis OrisCeph Rx CE is a CE marking medical device. Rev 1.0 of 06/11/2016