Learn more about the software for cephalometric analysis OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE.

Software for cephalometric tracings on Mac

Cephalometric tracings.


With OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE you can realize cephalometric tracings with more than 30 default techniques, in a quick and easy way. The programme can guide you for the insertion of cephalometric points, the anatomical structures and the new editing. You can display the diagnosis in real time with parametric values and normogram. Different colours help you to understand standard values and non-standard ones.

Tracing superimpositions.


OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE allows you to easily superimpose two or more tracings of the same technique, belonging to the same patient. You establish a common point and plan for the superimposition, or in free mode, and you drag and turn the tracings. Automatically OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE calculates the differences between the measures of the different tracings and displays the values in real time.

Tracing superimpositions on Mac
foto trasparenza

VTO and Morphing.


OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE simulates the result of surgical operations and growth forecast. The surgical VTO can be performed by altering the anatomical structure of the profile (soft tissue, skeletal  muscle and teeth). By modifying  growth parameters, the profile on the x-ray changes, as well as the calculation of values.
You can easily overlay and modify the patient’s photograph over the tracing and then perform the growth VTO. In this way you can display and print the patient’s photograph and predict how he will appear in the following years, according to growth forecast or possible surgical operations.


More than 30 techniques.

Latero-laterals, axial, posterior-anterior, aesthetic techniques, Ricketts, Steiner, Tweed, McNamara, Jarabak, Cervera, Ricketts/Hasund, Standard, Bennet Mc Laughlin, Giannì, Giannì AP, Giannì 21F e 48F, E.B.O.-I.B.O., Cagliari and Genova School, Cervera and many others.

trattamenti ortodontici

Record and clinical diary.

Manage in a quick and easy way all information related to the patient. The patient record and the clinical diary are linked directly to the images and the cephalometric tracings, for a better and complete view of all information.

valori tracciato cefalometrico


Display the normogram with values and measures according to the performed cephalometric tracing. Different colours let you display immediately the result in order to plan the treatment.

analisi cefalometrica

Graphic tools.

You can zoom, change colours and thickness of the lines, roto-translation and reshaping of the anatomical structures. You can also calculate plans, segments, angles and points, check brightness, contrast, negative, gamma correction, tone and saturation.