orisceph mac software ortodonzia The complete software for cephalometric analysis, a CE marking medical device for Mac. Create fast and precise tracings with OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE.
Software for cephalometric analysis, on your Mac.

Software for cephalometric analysis for your Mac.


The CE marking medical device to realize professional and complete cephalometric tracings and plan orthodontic treatments.


All your equipment is CE marking? It is important that your cephalometric software is a CE marking medical device. We have chosen to put the CE marking on OrisCeph in order to guarantee a reliable and safe tool for your work, in case of problems
or discussions.

With OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE you can realize cephalometric tracings with a few clicks, using over 30 default techniques. The new editing allows you to draw profiles and anatomical structures even faster. You can display the diagnosis in real time with parametric values and normogram.

Patient record.


To each patient you can associate more orthodontic charts with the anamnesis,
clinical examination and ATM, intraoral examination, space analysis and treatment
planning. You can schedule the appointments in the clinical diary and manage the images
in the photo album. Make your patients aware of the treatment benefits by
creating automatically the case presentation.

Superimpositions, Ricketts VTO and Morphing.


Advanced tools to manage orthodontic treatments. 


With OrisCeph Mac Rx3 CE you can superimpose the patient’s photograph to the tracing, make the surgical VTO, move the cephalometric points on the tracing and change the image according to the new measures. You can display and print the patient’s photo with the prediction of how he will appear in relation to its growth or to a possible surgical operation.

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The range of software for cephalometric analysis OrisCeph Mac CE are CE marking medical devices. Rev 1.0 of 06/11/2016