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Learn the basic functions of OrisDent evo and find out
how to  insert the essential data: create the price lists, insert
patient data and learn how to configure the agenda.
From the patient chart you can manage the quotations
and the invoicing, as well as the specialized charts of
orthodontics, periodontal and gnathological. There is also
the possibility to manage the recalls in an automatic way.
It is important to learn the basic steps of the program in
order  to insert all data accurately and use your management
software OrisDent evo in the best way.

The first thing to do when you start to use the
OrisLab X3 is to enter correctly the data of
all customers, the price lists and load the storage with all the
materials. The work sheet allows to manage the entire
production cycle: the delivery note, the work, color
and implant sheet. Associating the material to each process,
you can make the automatic load/unload and learn also
how to manage the storage in the best way with
the help of the barcode.

OrisCeph CE is a marking medical device that guarantees
precision and quality in the realization of cephalometric tracings.
The professional training teaches you how the realize
cephalometric analyses and orthodontic treatments on pc,
as well as VTO, morphing and the creation of customized
techniques. You will learn how to insert patient data, capture images
and see how OrisCeph CE can interact with the
management software OrisCeph CE.