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orisdent evo

Basic course.


Learn the basic functions of OrisDent evo, such as the creation of price lists, patient
record and the configuration of the agenda.
From the patient chart you can manage the quotation and the invoicing, and also the specialized charts such as orthodontics, periodontal and gnathological. You can also manage the recalls in an automatic way. It is important to learn the basic steps of the program in order to insert all data accurately and use your management software OrisDent evo in the best way.

Advanced course.


Take advantage of your software. Find out all the most advanced functions for a complete management of your dental practice. Associate the treatments to the graphic symbols in order to realize easy-read quotations and manage the remunerations for the operators.

Accounting course.


Do you want to manage your accounting in the best way, limiting the costs of the accountant? With OrisDent evo you can manage the sale and purchase billing, the payment plans and the insurance for your practice. Keep everything under control checking the expiry list and pending payments, you can manage the revenues with the patients balance.

Marketing tools.


Learn how to use all the tools available on your management software to enhance the visibility of the practice, promote the services and the treatment offered, communicate effectively with your patients to increase their satisfaction over time. Send automatic and specific communications by SMS, the Website of the practice, mailing and notifications on smartphone. Let your patients download the app of the practice, MySmile. With the module Business Monitor you can analyze your data and check the performance of the practice.


Basic course.


The first thing to do when you buy the software
OrisLab X3 is to enter correctly the data of the customers,
the price list and load the storage with all the materials.
The work sheet allows to manage the entire production cycle:
the delivery note, the work, color and implant sheet.
Associating the material to each process, you can unload
it automatically when you make an invoice.

Advanced course.


Find out all the advanced features to better manage the
dental lab. Manage the works thanks to daily and weekly planning,
organize the technicians that work in the lab, the movements of
load/unload, lots number and ceramics and handling.

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Course for cephalometric analyses on computer.


Professional training course to learn how to use the software for cephalometric analyses,
that is also a CE marking medical device. The course will be specific for the realization of cephalometric
analyses and orthodontic treatments, VTO, Morphing and the creation of customized techniques.