The best management solution to increase the profitability of your Dental Practice and grow your patient’s satisfaction and confidence over time.
OrisDent evo services

Software for Dentists.


Manage all the daily activities of your Practice.


Save time and reduce costs thanks to a modern and intuitive management software. Give your Practice an innovative appearance and let your patients enjoy of exclusive services. Choose for your practice the version of the program that best suits your needs.

Business Monitor.


Increase the profitability of your Practice: analyse your data, set the targets and improve your results, day by day.


Improve the performance of your Practice by measuring what is most important to ensure the optimal management. You can intervene rapidly on critical issues to prevent loosing patients and seize every opportunity to improve financial performance. Set the goals you want to achieve and improve the performance of your Practice.

  • How many of your patients haven’t scheduled an appointment or received a reminder?
  • How can you encourage them to come back to the Practice?
  • How many quotations haven’t been accepted? Why?
  • Is your Practice profitable?

Enhance the value of each patient, seize every opportunity to improve financial performance and ensure the optimal management.

Business Monitor for dental practice
gdpr-orisline-udine-smile- team

With OrisDent evo you have all the essential tools
to be compliant to the new GDPR.

To protect your data:
• authentication credentials and password
• definition of roles and access policy
• encrypted SQL database
• automatic remote backup
To respect the new patients’ rights:
• right to be forgotten
• right to data portability

New forms for the consent to the processing of personal data, for the assistant,
the dental technician and the consultants.

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Remind your patients their appointments.

Buy SMS.

Create the website of your Practice.


Your Agenda wherever you are.


The App for your patients on smartphone.


Communication Manager.


Manage easily and efficiently the communication with your patients.


Grow your patient’s satisfaction and confidence over time. Select the target audience and choose the
best way to send specific communication: SMS, e-mails, notifications on smartphone, News on the website
or traditional post. With OrisDent evo it is easy and automatic!

Wherever you are.


OrisDent evo and MyAgenda allow you to check your commitments
and appointments
on tablet, smartphone and any kind of device with
an internet connection. You can display your agenda wherever and
whenever you want, and it is always synchronized with your Practice.