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The new management software for dental practice.


Experience and innovation at the service of the dental clinic.


A new modern and ergonomic design for easier use. The new language used to develop OrisDent Q allows achieving and maintaining higher performances engine in order to manage large amounts of data in a stable and secure way.


Ergonomics and comfort

With OrisDent Q your Agenda can be moved
on a second screen and in the meanwhile you
can work on the other sections of the software.
In this way, the operators inside the practice
can always use and consult the agenda,
for a more efficient and optimized management!

Business Monitor.


Increase the profitability of your Practice: analyse your data, set the targets and improve your results, day by day.


  • How many of your patients haven’t scheduled an appointment or received a reminder?
  • How many quotations haven’t been accepted? Why?
  • How many patients have put an implant 3 years ago to contact for a check?


From now the dentist can find the actual profit margin on the quotation, on the clinical chart or on the price list. OrisDent Q calculates the actual profit margin according to the relation between costs and revenues.

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gdpr-orisline-udine-smile- team

With OrisDent Q you have all the essential tools
to be compliant to the new GDPR.

To protect your data:
• authentication credentials and password
• definition of roles and access policy
• encrypted SQL database
• automatic remote backup

To respect the new patients’ rights:
• right to be forgotten
• right to data portability

A model of the patient’s mouth, designed in 3D,
which represents realistically and dynamically
the patient’s mouth.

Wherever you are.

OrisDent and MyAgenda allow you to check your commitments
and appointments
 on tablet, smartphone and any kind of device with

an internet connection. You can display your agenda wherever and
whenever you want, and it is always synchronized with your Practice.