Marko, nice to meet you. The Digital Marketing Manager that increases the profitability of the dental practice, by proposing services and treatments in the waiting room.

Marko: the Marketing Manager of your
dental practice,
always available and efficient.



Marko is the Marketing tool that promotes the services and the treatments of the dental practice, through customized and dynamic videos shown on the TV/monitor of the waiting room. The selection of the video schedule is carried out in an ethical and statistical way, according to the patients in the waiting room, and this increases the profitability of the dental practice.

He informs, stimulates and arouses curiosity.


Marko fills in empty time and useless moments. He communicates to patients the
treatments and services according to the medical needs determined in advance by the
dentist. In this way, patients are always informed and encouraged to ask questions about
what the dental practice can propose and that, otherwise, would not know.


Customize your Marketing Manager.


Marko already includes a standard video schedule that is compatible and ready to use. At any time you can customize the graphic layout with the logo and name of the dental practice, the News you want to communicate to patients, you can import your videos or select others from a library at your disposal, in order to create different playlist.

orisdent evo-marketing

With the management software OrisDent, Marko selects
automatically the videos.


Only with the management software OrisDent you can optimize Marko’s potentialities, making it even faster and efficient. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, Marko selects automatically the videos to be shown in the waiting room, in a targeted and specific way, according to the appointments scheduled in the agenda of OrisDent.

Stand out from competitors.


Inform your patients about advanced technologies
and innovative systems that you use at work.


Show in the waiting room the videos of everything that makes your dental
practice so
modern and special, add value to your professionalism and the
investments you have chosen to do, in order to increase the quality of your
services: the digital X-ray with low radiation emissions, the fingerprint, conscious
sedation, a particular implant treatment, the safety of sterilization systems …