Global Care service: the global support for your IT system

Work peacefully, we’ll take care of the rest.

Global Care is the complete service that guarantees the protection, support and upgrade of your IT system.


The advantages are: 

– A single all-inclusive service.
– A great reduction in the intervention costs.
– Continuous monitoring of the IT system.
– Reduction of time in the system upgrade.

Find out all the included services:

Oris update.

Check and installation of all the updates and improvements released for your
OrisLine software, via a remote connection, directly from our qualified staff. This ensures
you always the latest available update of the product. The Global Care service will keep
your system continually operative and up-to-date. 

Remote backup.

The Remote Backup allows you to have always an up-to-date copy of the data
inserted OrisLine software (5GB), without you having to do anything. The Backup is
automatic and incremental
, it takes place every day with the possibility to set the start
time. The data is encrypted and stored in a dedicated server farm. 

Remote support.

With the remote support you save travel costs of the technician, you avoid shipping
costs to check devices and delays and inconveniences that often occur. You reduce call time
and costs
. Data, images and files are transferred quickly and safely for immediate analysis.

Downtime of your activity is reduced considerably In case of technical problems.

Download Team Viewer free to access to remote support.

Priority telephone support.

Dedicated telephone assistance with priority answer by qualified professionals that are
skilled on OrisLine products, in order to guarantee an efficient and prompt service.

tel. +39 0227409521
continuously from 9:00 to 19:00 (Central European Time CET)

from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Professional antivirus.

A professional updated Antivirus is included in the service to ensure the integrity of your IT system against possible virus, in compliance with current regulation on sensitive data security, for all your PC.


You receive reports by e-mail with a summary of all the activities carried out by Global Care service on your entire IT system. In this way you always get a feedback of what is being done.

Technological support.

 – Continuous monitoring of the IT system 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Remote Live Update of the operating system (Windows) carried out automatically.
– Remote maintenance on hardware, network and system.
– Remote support interventions on the IT system.

Online services.

From your personal area on the website you can buy products and services in a simple and easy way. You can check all the accounting documents about OrisLine products
and services and see the information about your license.