Get rid of paper archives acquiring the electronic signature of patient's informed consent, privacy data, anamnesis and quotations. firma elettronica dentisti

Get rid of paper with a specific service for dental practice.


Reduce significantly the fixed costs and simplify procedures for the management of documents.


OrisPaperLess is the new IT service of OrisDent that allows the dentist to acquire the patient’s electronic signature directly on the documents: informed consent, privacy data, anamnesis and quotations. It is done through a light pen that writes on a special tablet.

OrisPaperless firma digitale per dentisti

Give your practice a modern and innovative image.


With the service OrisPaperLess you can give your patients the feeling of having chosen a cutting-edge and technological dental practice. A unique and exclusive service that increases the quality of your practice and allows you to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector.

A well organized and modern practice, as well as environmetally-friendly, is highly appreciated by its customers and it allows to grow their satisfaction and confidence over time. 

Compatible pen tablets.


OrisPaperLess service has been tested, it is compatible with the following tablet models:

Endless benefits.


  • Saving of material costs (paper, toner, fax, photocopier, etc).
  • Saving of intangible costs (quick management, research, adjustment and document transmission).
  • Removal of data entry duplication.
  • Practice enhancement in terms of modernity and quick management of clinical data.
  • Increased environmental protection, thanks to the overall reduction in the consumption.