Manage your Lab activities in a quick and easy way. Focus on your work and help your business grow. programma gestionale laboratorio odontotecnico
Dental laboratory management software

The complete solution
for the management of your
Dental Laboratory.


Quick, efficient and easy-to-use.


With the dental technician software OrisLab X3 you can manage
the work of your dental laboratory in the most complete way, from the
beginning to the end. An intuitive graphical interface and quick and easy
commands allow you to automate all the management of your work and the creation
of technical documents. You can focus on your work with the certainty that your
activities will be managed in the best way, without waste of time.



The storage is a key part for every dental lab, manage it easily and efficiently
with OrisLab X3. Enter the equipment , register purchase invoices, check spare and sold
out material, track lots number, associate the materials to the suppliers for automatic
sort, combine the works to the materials to verify the real cost of your work.
OrisLab X3 allows you to do automatic load/unload of material and handle
ceramics and resins with a specific function.

Enhance greater professionalism.


Offer your dentist a highly complete and efficient service. Send all your documents by e-mail or print them in colour to enhace the quality
of your devices.