Encrease your business with OrisDent Q.


OrisDent Q is much more than a dental practice management software.

OrisDent Q helps you make your practice more efficient, save time and costs, and maintain effective communication with your patients.

A new modern and ergonomic design, new advance functions for the digitalizations of documents.The new language used to develop OrisDent Q allows achieving and maintaining higher performances. The new engine allows managing large amounts of data in a stable and secure way.


GDPR: with OrisDent it is easier.

The adjustment is included for all users with an active support contract.

OrisDent offers you the essential tools to be compliant with GDPR:
definition of roles, access policy, password, encrypted database, backup, pseudonymization,
new consent, receipt for data portability and right to be forgotten, link for data breach report,
check list to help you in the compliance process.

Software for cephalometric analysis.


OrisCeph CE is a flexible and easy-to-use software for orthodontists. It is a perfect tool
to realize quick and accurate tracings as well as planning orthodontic treatments..

OrisCeph CE is the range of cephalometric software with a CE Marking to ensure
safety and quality, available for Windows and Mac.

Software for cephalometric tracings
  • “My wife and I decided to buy the software OrisLab X3 in 2015 because we wanted a tool that could help us to save time and reduce labor costs. After 3 months, we upgraded to the version OrisLab X3 Professional and from that moment onwards we started to use it more and more. Now we could not do without it! With OrisLab X3 we can save time since we mechanize all the working processes and the production of the technical documents, thanks to fast commands and an intuitive graphical interface. We can now work with the security that everything is in order; in addition we give a modern and innovative image to all our clients.”


    Laboratorio Cabral Tischler
    Dental Lab Claudio Omar Cabral Tischler
    Mataró - Spagna
  •  “We decided to computerize our dental practice in order to better manage our daily activities. Since we use OrisDent  we have given a modern and efficient image to the clinic (we have more than 10 work stations) and we can manage easily all our patients’ record and dental chart. The software is easy to use and all the staff is able to use it thanks to the training course we have followed. Since we use OrisDento we have improved our business and the management of our Practice”.

    Dr. Shastin Evgeny - Dentik Lux
    Dr. Shastin Evgeny – Dentik Lux
    Krasnodar - Russia
  • ” We’ve been using OrisDent  for 3 years and with time we found out that it has much more benefits to offer than what we purchased it for. We can now prepare better projections and better planning for the future because we have different types of statistics and data collected by OrisDent . The technical support is actually one of OrisDent’s points of strength. They take every complaint very seriously and they attend to it promptly in a timely manner. Even sometimes when the problem is not caused by OrisDent software, they would still assist in the solution and give advice and directions on what to do.”


    Dr.Walid-Elsaady-(Medical-Director) - Lotus Dental Center
    Dr. Al Saady Walid – Lotus Dental Center
    Al Khor - Qatar
  • “Since I use the Digital Marketing in the waiting room patients ask me information about treatments that before I wasn’t able to communicate efficiently. The Digital Marketing entertains patients (even kids) and in addition shows them the quality of all services they can find
    in my practice.”

    Dr. Federico Dall’Ora – Dental Practice Doctors Dall’Ora
    Milano - Italia
  • “OrisDent evo has improved significantly the management of our dental practice, reducing time dedicated for our daily tasks. We can integrate X-rays within the system and see them from all rooms of the practice, update the changes in the record of our patients, see the agenda, schedule appointments etc. OrisDent evo is also very useful for the accounting issues.”


    Doctora Paula Olivencia Paredes
    Dr. Paula Olivencia Paredes – Clinica Zen
    Madrid - Spain
  • “The introduction of OrisLine software in my practice was a turning point in terms of efficiency and ability to monitor all workflows. OrisDent evo has been part of my activity for many years and has contributed in enhancing my practice towards a completely renewed, advances and functional clinic. OrisDent evo was initially for me and my team a “useful” tool, now it has become essential.”


    Dr. Paolo Manzo – MCO
    Frattamaggiore (Naples) - Italy
  • “OrisCeph software significantly reduces time for cephalometric tracing and it strengthens the communication between orthodontists and patients, because it provides information, documentation, images and photographs. It allows me to have a better  presentation of the case which I use in courses and conferences and it facilitates diagnosis, treatment planning, monitoring and evaluation of orthodontic treatment.”


    Dr. Tatjana Jelenić Krečković
    Dr. Tatjana Jelenić Krečković – Dental Clinic Center Boulevard N°13
    Novi Sad - Serbia
  • “We at Smiledesign dental center  strive to provide the best for our patients. This statement not only includes having the best dentists, the best supporting staff and the best equipment there is. It also includes the best in patient management software, that is why we searched carefully before coming to the conclusion OrisLine is the best in the market. We have used it for over 3 years now as a patient management software, as an inventory software and even as our accounting software. We simply love it”.


    Dr. Hasan Khajah
    Dr. Hasan Khajah – Smiledesign Dental Center
    Qurtubah - Kuwait
  • “OrisDent evo is simple to use with all-in-one package of patients data, appointment, accountant and monthly report that every dental office needs. We used the support service for the first year, the  service is good, however OrisDent evo is a stable software, so only sometimes we called for support”.


    Dr. Tieng Chhnoeum
    Dr. Tieng Chhnoeum – Master Care Dental Clinic
    Phnom Penh - Cambodia
  • “I wanted to make more comfortable my waiting room. I changed all the furniture and I also added a TV 50” on which are broadcasted videos about education, promotions, entertainment and general information about the practice. Thanks to OrisLine Digital Marketing I have the feeling that patients are more relaxed, less bored and finally know all the services my practice can offer.”

    Dr. Fausto Pellegatta
    Garbagnate M.se - Milano - Italia

Increase case-acceptance.


With OrisEduco3 HD you can realize an interactive quotation to make your patient aware of the treatment benefits. The patient will easily understand the treatment suggested and will be more likely to accept the quotation. Hundreds of animations in high definition to explain the treatment in a clear and efficient way.

 Try OrisLab Q for the management of your Dental Laboratory.


Save time and money with the dental technician software OrisLab Q.
With OrisLab Q you automate the management of your work using an
intuitive graphical interface and quick and easy commands.

Manage easily, efficiently and quickly your Dental Laboratory. Organize your storage and the lots numbers in a simple and accurate way through automatic load/unload movements.


Your Agenda always at your fingertips.


With MyAgenda you can easily manage your appointments, check deadlines
wherever and whenever your want. You are always synchronized with
your Practice 
from smartphone and tablet.

Agenda for the dental clinic
app dentisti

A new way to communicate with your Patients.


Your patients can download for free MySmile, the App branded
with your Dental Practice to communicate with them at any time and from any location, directly on their smartphone. New promotions, closing hours of the practice, birthday wishes… all this with a simple click!

the App to communicate with your patients
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